Why you should gift an Israeli focused investment account to a bar or bat mitzvah

Bar and bat mitzvahs are a very important coming of age celebration in the life of a Jewish boy or girl. There are many gifts that you could give to a Bar or Bat Mitzvah. Gifts are very important as they mark a special time in someone’s life and contribute to their joy and celebration. With so many gifts to choose from, it’s hard to find one that is meaningful and establishes a special relationship with Judaism and Israel. A gift that truly stands out from the rest of them, though, is an Israeli focused investment account.

So, why gift Israeli focused investment account? Israel is one of the strongest countries in the Middle East. It continues to show the most promise in terms of science, technology, and business. If you visit Israel, you will see for yourself how many international businesses have taken root here. Why? Because of the potential that Israel has and promise it has already shown, despite being a small and young country.

Another reason to gift Israeli focused investment account is that it supports Israel’s efforts to continue to grow and advance itself as a home for Jewish people around the world. Israel has come a far way, but it can go even further. With each investment in their businesses, the country can inch further and further, bettering its economy and those who invested in it.

For the special occasion of a bar or bat mitzvah, an Israeli focused investment account will benefit the bar or bat mitzvah in the future. It sets him or her up for financial stability and good giving habits early on. This is one of the only gifts that give to both the recipient and to others. In Judaism, the act of giving is highly valued and a bar or bat mitzvah should be giving for the rest of their adult life.

So, how can you gift an Israeli investment? One of the easiest and most effective ways is through The Jerusalem Portfolio. It instantly gives the bar mitzvah a head start for a strong financial future and provides them with a portfolio of Israeli companies. Gifting is simple. You provide The Jerusalem Portfolio the recipient’s basic information, your basic info, and then you fund the account. In a matter of minutes, your gift will be on the way to the recipient.

With this gift, you’ll know that you chose the right one. It’s not like a toy or something unmeaningful that they may not appreciate, or only appreciate for a short period of time. Through the professionally managed investment account, the bar mitzvah can own fraction ownerships of over 100 different Israeli public companies. With an investment, you contribute to the economy and then reap the benefits over time. A bar mitzvah would be happy to receive such a useful gift. It’s exciting and very meaningful. It demonstrates that you’re giving to Israel and also giving in the name of Judaism.

Watch how easy it is to gift a brokerage account: