What Gift to Give at a Bar or Bat Mitzvah?

A bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah are one of the most important events in a Jewish boy or girl’s life. It symbolizes their coming of age. Choosing a gift for such an important event can be daunting. While there are many gifts out there, a bar or bat mitzvah gift needs to be a one that is fitting to the new young adult, one that commemorates a new chapter in someone’s life. So, what gift should you give?

First of all, a bar or bat mitzvah gift should be a gift connected to Judaism or the Jewish State of Israel. This is so that the mitzvah boy or girl can stay grounded in the moment of the celebration and to what it truly means. At the age of 12 for girls and 13 for boys (in some communities boys and girls both celebrate at age 13), a bar or bat mitzvah can become easily sidetracked by things such as a new toy or the latest video game. For a bar or bat mitzvah, a proper gift should be related to the celebration and all of its importance. Below are three common gifts for a bar or bat mitzvah:

Gift #1: Judaica

The first gift that you can give is a Judaica. This is Jewish ceremonial art such as a chanukiah or mezuzah. This is a fantastic gift if you know that the honoree or their family is very religious. They can showcase it in their homes, and it’s considered to be very thoughtful. But, recently a lot of people have been gifting Judaica, so you may want to choose something more special.

Gift #2: Necklace

The second gift that you can give is a necklace. This is a classic Jewish gift that brings Judaism closer to someone’s heart almost effortlessly. Any Jewish boy or girl would be proud to wear a necklace that symbolizes something meaningful in Jewish culture. One necklace pendant idea is of the Star of David, the Jewish star. Another one is of the Hamsa, which is a hand that symbolizes good luck.

Gift #3: Money

The third gift that you can give is money. This is considered to be a useful gift, as the boy or girl can save the money for use later in life. It’s become a tradition to give money in $18 increments because chai (life) in the Hebrew alphabet means 18 numerically. If you’re more modern, a gift card or simple cash at any amount is also good. While money is very useful, it is not able to grow much sitting in the bank, and it does not have much of a meaningful connection to Judaism and Israel.

Ultimate Gift: A Long-Term Investment In Israeli Stocks – Managed Professionally

The most practical way of giving money is through investing in a diversified Israeli stock portfolio focused on companies domiciled or heavily invested in the Jewish State of Israel. These can be gifted to a bar or bat mitzvah and are designed to grow over time, providing a long-term appreciating gift that they can use later in life. This supports the bar or bat mitzvah financially, as the investment will hopefully grow over time, and represents their connection to Israel, all while supporting Israel’s economy.

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