Will Israel Join the Space Race? ISA Says "Yes" With a $6 Million Grant

Israel’s high-tech sector may contribute its innovation to space missions, thanks to a $6 million grant from the ISA.

The Israel Space Agency, the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology and the Israel Innovation Authority are giving a $6 million grant to 11 Israeli companies that will contribute their technology to the space program. Selected companies will have 20-50% of their R&D budget covered with this funding and smaller startups that design products specifically for space travel can get up to 60-85% covered.

The initiative has several goals, including the development of space-oriented tech startups, expanding Israel’s space program and building on existing scientific knowledge. The types of projects these companies are involved in range from improvements to communication with ground points, calibration equipment, analyzing data collected on space missions,

Israel’s Space Program

This grant is an additional chapter to the ongoing development of Israel’s space program. Orit Farkash HaCohen, Minister of Innovation, Science and Technology told Calcalist, “The State of Israel has clear advantages in the space industry, but especially in the security domain. This program will strengthen and promote 11 companies in the fields of satellite communications, rocket propulsion, sensors that will contribute to dealing with climate change, lunar mining, and agriculture.”

These Companies Are Contributing Their Innovation to Space Missions

The following are the 11 companies that are participating in the newest Israeli space initiative and have received funding from ISA and other government organizations.

Ayecka Communication Systems is an internet of things (IoT) developer that is creating technology to facilitate communication between satellites and autonomous vehicles even where there is little or no cellular coverage.

Paxis produces 3D items from silicon carbide for space applications and satellites. Ceramic material made from silicon carbide provides the right thermal stability for space conditions.

Terra Space Lab is working on a space shuttle scanner that scans terrain and processes data on the spot.

NSLComm develops pop-up antennas that work well in low gravity or zero-gravity conditions. These antennas facilitate communication between satellites and ground points.

GorillaLink is creating a technology that makes global satellite communication more efficient to provide solutions for IoT issues, even in places where there is no cellular coverage.

GreenOnyx technology will grow vegetables during space missions. This is particularly useful for longer missions that take many months and provide fresh vegetables grown in space conditions.

HELIOS is finding solutions for harvesting oxygen from the moon and eliminating the need to transport heavy equipment.

Semiconductor Devices is working on a camera that will more efficiently take photographs in outer space and will create images with detail that indicates the presence of vegetation, terrain and will provide more accurate mages of disasters such as oil spills.

Space Plasmatics creates electronic ignition systems based on plasma and can provide a power source for lengthy missions.

NewRocket is exploring more environmentally-friendly methods of launching rockets and is making a bi-propellant non-toxic rocket gel as an alternative to hydrazine.

Ramon Space’s technology has already been used in 50 space missions and specializes in computing systems that can function under space conditions.

Invest in Israel’s SpaceTech Sector

The market for space technology has doubled in the last decade, and Israel is preparing to take a leading role in developing space technology. You can invest in Israel’s space sector with individual stocks or better yet, ETFs, which provide a broader exposure to Israel’s economy.

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