These 5 Israeli Cybersecurity Startups Will Shine in 2023

Anyone who has had their social media or worse, their online bank account hacked understands the importance of cutting-edge cybersecurity. Military experts are as concerned about cyber attacks as traditional terrorism or missiles. Cybersecurity startups can be sound Israeli investments, and one of the best ways to invest in Israel is to look at cybersecurity stocks.

CTech surveyed investors and experts to identify which Israeli cybersecurity startups are names to watch in 2023 and beyond. Although there are a number of Israeli companies in the cybersecurity space that have gained media attention and are publicly traded stocks, the following are relatively new startups or those that haven’t yet received much press.

Dig Security

The cloud seems like a safe place for data–except when it isn’t. Hackers are becoming increasingly sophisticated at finding ways to penetrate and interfere with cloud systems. Dig Security provides real-time threat detection, monitoring, and governance of data through a unified system.

Polar Security

Polar Security goes beyond traditional cloud data protection and guards known and shadow data, across managed and unmanaged native data stores. Polar prioritizes risk and classifies sensitive data for complete data security on the cloud.


Only one click, and you can unwittingly open the door to a malware infection on your device. Eclypsium shores up the firmware in devices across a corporate network and. It identifies, verifies, and fortifies firmware code throughout your enterprise.


This startup provides unprecedented protection to sensitive resources–even those that couldn’t be protected before. Silverfort has developed advanced agentless and proxyless protection for any device, server or application. Silverfort’s technology automatically maps non-human entities with its Zero Trust strategy and will instantly send out alerts of account takeovers.


Security teams can move faster on threats with Hunters SOC platform, which with automatic detection and response technology. Its built-in detection and automatic investigation will allow tech teams to respond more efficiently and reduce risk.

Invest in Israel’s Cybersecurity Sector

Even though investment in startups slowed down late in 2022, Israel’s cybersecurity sector stood firm. It’s clear that when companies want to cut costs, cybersecurity isn’t the first place they start. Just one hacking incident can cost a business millions. It’s clear, then, that Israel’s cybersecurity sector is likely to remain strong for the long term.

Particularly strong was seed funding for relatively new cybersecurity startups. In 2022, the seed round for the sector broke 2021 fundraising records–$9 million to $7 million respectively. There’s no doubt that cybersecurity companies are standout Israeli investments.

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