Israeli Companies Featured Among the Top AI firms Worldwide

Close to a dozen Israeli companies were highlighted in a list of 100 in the 5th annual CB Insights report on leaders in AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology. This recognition validates Israel’s position as a tech leader and as an innovator in the AI sector.

The eleven companies mentioned in the CB Insights report included: Aurora Labs, Beewise, Deci AI, Percepto, Prospera, Run: AI, Sentinel One, Snyk, Syte, Theator and Wint. The companies on the list are not only expanding innovation but are demonstrating the many ways in which AI technology can improve lives and provide solutions to pressing issues, from efficient automotive repair to protecting the environment.

The Significance of the CB Insights List

The eleven Israeli companies represented on CB Insight’s list is a significant increase from the 8 that were highlighted last year. CB Insights is a market intelligence firm that analyzes new companies and start-ups and is influential among high-profile venture capitalists.

Its report resulted in significant capital raises for 50% of the companies highlighted last year to the tune of $5.2 billion. Others saw M&A activity or IPOs. Therefore, the fact that so many Israeli companies appeared on CB Insight’s AI list this year bodes well for further growth in the Israeli tech space.

The Israeli Companies Named in CB Insight’s List

The following are the companies recognized in this year’s AI List:

Aurora Labs: Uses AI to predict problems with automotive vehicles and make fixes.

Beewise: Preserves bee habitats and uses AI to sustain up to 40 bee colonies per unit

Deci AI: A deep learning platform to assist data scientists

Percepto: Drone-based inspection of industrial sites.

Prospera: Focuses AI visualization technology to predict plant growth.

Run: AI: Creates visualization and deep learning models.

Sentinel One: AI cybersecurity solutions to prevent hacking.

Snyk: Automated cybersecurity for open source library.

Syte: AI visual and product search solutions for retailers.

Theator: Surgical intelligence platform

Wint: Water management solutions.

AI in Israel: Past, Present and Future

In the 2010s, responding to early signs that Artificial Intelligence would reinvent tech, Israeli startups in Tel Aviv got to work developing this disruptive technology. Predictions of the importance of AI came to fruition. The AI space is expected to generate $10 billion in the coming years, and at present 37% of capital raises were for AI startups, according to Science Business.

Israel, which in the 21st century has been consistently dubbed “The Startup Nation” continues to innovate developing AI technology and new ways to implement these solutions. AI is intended to make tasks easier and increase efficiency in many operations, from trash management to agriculture and marketing.

One of Israels’ main AI success stories is Mobileye vision technology for autonomous vehicles. The technology works by algorithms that interpret images from cameras to detect traffic. Mobileye set fundraising records in 2014. In 2017, Intel purchased Mobileye for $15.3 billion. A self-driving car produced with Mobileye technology is in the work as well as plans for an automated taxi service.

How to Invest in Israeli Tech

Investors may wonder how to invest in “the next Mobileye” and the rising tide of Israeli tech. Many outstanding Israeli startups are purchased by larger companies, as was the case with Mobileye. However, there are some Israeli tech and healthcare stocks that are traded on the New York Stock Exchange as well as Israeli ETFs.

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