FDA Still Looks to Israel for Guidance on Vaccine Research

Even in the depths of the pandemic, Israel managed to excel in two major areas. First, 2020 and 2021 were both sensational years for Israeli investments, especially fundraising for tech startups. Second, Israel’s Covid vaccine development and policy were among the most successful in the world.

Although globally, the tech market is seeing slow demand, Israel’s healthcare sector is taking a more prominent role as the FDA identifies Israel as “a window to the future of COVID,” as reported by the Times of Israel.

Advanced Research and Real-Life Applications

Professor Arnold Monto, a senior American vaccine adviser for the FDA discussed research advances and policy execution during the most crucial points of the COVID crisis. Israel’s big data, quick turnaround, and efforts to get large segments of the population vaccinated were a model for the world as it struggled with the pandemic.

In addition, Israel was one of the first countries to offer booster shots and to study the positive effects, including lower death rates, among those who have had multiple COVID vaccinations.

Israel’s effective vaccine policy hasn’t just been beneficial to its own citizens. Research into vaccines through real-world applications can assist researchers around the world who are refining COVID vaccines and are developing potential responses to future pandemics.

Monto envisions a continuation of the working relationship between the FDA and Israeli scientists, because, “The unique characteristics of Israel and Israeli healthcare can have a continuing effect on healthcare policy…The elements are there, and the COVID emergency showed what can be done when everybody is mobilized to provide the kind of information that has come out of Israel, from skilled scientists.”

Israeli Scientists Create 15% of the World’s Covid Research

Even several years on since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, Israel still leads the way in COVID vaccine research and development. It is estimated that 15% of the world’s research on the COVID vaccine is performed by Israeli scientists. In fact, Israel ranks 3rd in new research in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Invest in Israel’s Healthcare Sector

Israel’s healthcare sector is one of the most robust for its size. It leads in innovation and research, particularly with vaccines, and has partnerships with health organizations around the globe, including the FDA. Now is the time to seek Israeli investments and to invest in Israel’s healthcare sector with the Jerusalem Portfolio.

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