Crowded Our Crowd Summit Brings the World to Jerusalem

Following a two-year pandemic, the annual Our Crowd Global Investor Summit was crowded to capacity, with hundreds of companies, and thousands of participants representing scores of countries.

The 10th-anniversary event was marked by an explosion of AI technology and environmental sustainability-themed startups as well as participants from UAE, Morocco, and Sudan.

In addition to providing an opportunity for investors and industry experts to meet with startup representatives, the summit featured a keynote address from Israel’s President Isaac Herzog and multiple panel discussions on hot topics such as “Making Energy Storage Green and Mean,” “How Health Tech Will Finally Address the other 50%,” and “OurCrowd Entrepreneur’s Academy: Secrets of Funding.”

AutoBrain: Making AI Stand for A Number 1

AI or augmented intelligence technology has been around for many years, but suddenly, it’s making the headlines and occupying space in discussions the world over. Many of the startups featured at the Our Crowd summit use AI technology to enhance their operations, but there are a few standout AI companies that provide this technology.

Autobrains is an Israeli growth-stage AI startup that provides technology for automated and assisted driving. Their AI technology provides lower costs and enhanced safety to the automotive industry.

Autobrains self-learning AI is head and shoulders above traditional supervised learning AI because it mimics the way in which human drivers gather and process information. It also is lower cost and less complex than existing systems. Autobrains allows vehicles to distinguish between animals, vehicles, and human pedestrians.

The basis of this technology is signatures which allow the vehicle to capture information that can be interpreted by algorithms in a similar manner to the way our sensory organs process stimuli, react and learn from these real-life experiences.

Planting Better Seeds for a Better Future

Climate change is not just a warning, it’s a reality. As evidenced by the warm and comparatively dry winter in Israel, farmers are justifiably concerned about the future of their crops with climate disruptions.

Israeli agritech startup Better Seeds develops seeds that are naturally adaptable to extreme climates and provide higher nutritional value than traditional seeds. Using proprietary gene editing technology, Better Seeds is at the forefront of NBTs or New Breeding Technology that takes the guesswork out of producing hardy crops and generous yields.

Through a completely controlled, rationally-designed process, Better Seeds don’t leave the development of seeds to chance but provide greater resiliency and more predictable outcomes for farmers.

ThetaRay’s SONAR Fights Financial Cybercrime

The amount people lose to online fraud and account hacking numbers in the millions if not billions each year. Although traditional anti-hacking software can go a long way to preserving online data and funds, ThetaRay combines SaaS and AI to protect transactions.

ThetaRay, based in Hod HaSharon Israel, has developed a proprietary SONAR system that pinpoints, detects, and eliminates the threat of money laundering, and hacking by visualizing and investigating each transaction.

This is a one-stop solution that provides ongoing monitoring and measures risk indicators in real-time. The technology is ideal for financial platforms that want to provide customers with the assurance that their money will be safe.

Invest in Israel’s Tech Sector

The robust attendance at Our Crowd’s Global Investors Summit is proof that startup investing is stronger than ever in Israel. Israeli investments, particularly in the tech sector, provide value to your portfolio and are an excellent way of supporting The Jewish State.

About the Jerusalem Portfolio

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