5 Gifts That Increase in Value

It can be wonderful to receive a dozen roses, a box of chocolate or tickets to a popular concert or a sold-out Broadway show. However, the one issue with these kinds of gifts is that they are ephemeral. Often, we want to give something that will not only be cherished for years and create memories but will increase in monetary value.

Wine, gold, art and Israeli investments are some examples of gifts that transcend the occasion and create long-term value. The term “the gift that keeps on giving” has become a marketing cliche, but the following list of presents live up to this motto and can generate returns for years after they are given.

  1. Fine Wine
  2. Gold Coins
  3. Art
  4. Stock
  5. The Jerusalem Portfolio

Fine Wine

Most of us have heard that wine improves with age. It can also grow in monetary value as time goes on. You may want to simply give someone a bottle of wine to be enjoyed that evening or in a few weeks, but some wines are wise investments. Like any other investment category, it takes time and research to invest successfully in wine. Many wine experts recommend buying limited edition wine and those that are in scarce supply.

Discovering the next trendy winery can create returns on the initial investment. Consulting websites, taking a course and talking to wine experts are essential steps to successful wine investment. If you mistakenly buy a wine that doesn’t increase in value, the recipient can simply drink the mistake!

Gold Coins

Gold is a safe haven and investment experts often recommend that every investor have some exposure to gold in their portfolio. With fluctuating currency and uncertain times, gold has been increasing in value. This precious metal is good to have during economic turmoil and political unrest and it also does well during quieter times.

One good gift idea is an American Eagle Bullion coin issued by the U.S. Mint. This coin doubled in value between 2009 and 2020 and is a terrific investment as well as an attractive gift. It should be kept in mind that a gold coin costs hundreds of dollars and secure storage can be a challenge.


Art enhances the home and expresses individuality. At the same time, it is also an investment. When giving art, the decision may be whether to spend a large amount of money on a classic painting or to invest in work by an up-and-coming artist whose art is likely to appreciate in value.

Giving the gift of art means knowing the recipient and their tastes well and investing thousands of dollars in a single painting or sculpture. The recipient of artwork should also have a security system installed because valuable works are often vulnerable to theft.


One way to teach kids how to invest is through the board game Monopoly. The next step is real-world investing. Purchasing a share of a blue-chip stock in a reliable, established, and consistently growing company is a great way to introduce the world of investing to young people. This is the educational gift that is likely to increase in value and can help a young person experience investing first-hand.

The one drawback of investing in a single stock is that there is no guarantee that it will generate returns if the sector it is in declines or if an issue arises with the company. Finding broader exposure can be a more secure investment and a gift than a single stock.

The Jerusalem Portfolio

The Israeli investment and gift that combines all of the advantages of the presents described above is the Jerusalem Portfolio. Unlike art and gold coins, you can provide this gift for just $180. The Jerusalem Portfolio is a professionally managed portfolio of ETFs that provide exposure to hundreds of Israeli companies. A single stock has no hedge and if it falls in value, there is no protection. An ETF is balanced, diversified, and manages risk effectively.

It is a good idea to invest in Israel since its role in the tech industry is crucial and growing. Its economy is stable and has withstood the headwinds of the pandemic and military conflict. Israeli Startups raised record amounts of money even when faced with Covid-19 and they are among the strongest Israeli Investments.

About the Jerusalem Portfolio

The Jerusalem Portfolio is comprised of a fractional interest in 100 Israeli companies through a portfolio of professionally managed  ETFs. You can give the gift of the Jerusalem Portfolio for as little as $180. The recipient will be given a plaque with a beautiful and customized image of Jerusalem. Talk to our experts today about giving the Jerusalem Portfolio to a special young person as a bar or bat mitzvah gift, birthday, graduation, or other occasions.

October 13, 2021
The Jerusalem Portfolio