10 Israeli Startups to Watch in 2021, According to Wired

Melio founders from left to right: Ziv Paz, Matan Bar, and Ilan Attias. Photo: Michael Tumarkin Photography

The Israeli startup space is getting stronger and the world has taken notice. Startup funding in Israel has broken records in 2021, and now, according to NoCamels, Israel has more unicorns, or privately-held startups that are valued at $1 billion, any of the European countries.

Wired magazine, a publication that focuses on how technology and innovation affect politics, economy and culture, features Israeli startups in its 10 hottest startups from Tel Aviv. Wired UK contributor Allyssia Alleyne wrote, “Year in and year out, Tel Aviv’s startup community has proven that it can achieve more than whole countries within its 52km2, thanks to investment in world-class research facilities, robust government support, and an ever-reliable influx of investment.”

The following are the 10 Israeli startups Wired featured as the ones to watch in 2021.

  1. Deci-AI
  2. Amai Proteins
  3. Artlist
  4. Empathy
  5. Guardknox
  6. Melio
  7. Papaya Global
  8. VAST Data
  9. Theator
  10. Soos Technology

Deci-Ai was founded in 2019 and is a deep learning acceleration platform that brings artificial intelligence in-line with  production-grade solutions. The aim is to redesign AI so that it can make the most out of hardware and enterprise solutions. Deci raised $9.1 million in an October 2020 session led by Emerge, and Square Peg.

Amai Proteins

Amai, which means “sweet” In Japanese was founded in 2016 and is intended to create a healthier alternative to sugar and sugar replacements. This company has created designer proteins that can make food sweeter and more flavorful. It has a large R&D center and is developing ways to transform non-sweet proteins into meat replacements.


Artlist was developed on Kibbutz Afikim as a platform for artists and musicians to sell their material that can be used on a subscription basis. Artlist is a popular resource for YouTube and Netflix. Artlilst has been called a “one stop shop for content creators.” The company raised $48 million with KKR. This startup purchased Motion Array for $65 million.


Empathy is an app that is designed to assist those who have lost a loved one. For a one-time fee of $65, it can guide those who are grieving to organize funerals, dealing with bureaucracy, and with financial arrangements. Empathy raised $13 million in seed money in 2021 through General Catalyst and Aleph.


Israeli air force veterans created GuardKnox in 2016 to adapt the kind of security used for military airplanes to the automotive industry. Its advanced technology examines every message coming into the system and has a “no trust” system for maximum security. Recently, GuardKnox raised $24 million combined with the previous $21 million in 2019.


Melio is one of Israel’s latest unicorns and has raised a total of $1 billion following two highly successful fundraising sessions of $250 million. Melio is a payment platform that makes it easy for businesses to deal with billing and payroll. The integrated digital dashboard makes these transactions secure and effective.

Papaya Global

This unicorn is unique, even by unicorn standards, because it was the first unicorn founded by a woman, Eynat Guez. Papaya is a cloud-based payroll platform that uses SaaS solution that takes care of every phase of payment processing with maximum security.


Was founded by Israelis but is based in New York and aims to end inefficient storage through an all-flash storage system. The aim is to consolidate systems and to allow easy scaling and independent operation. VAST Data has tripled its value since 2020 and currently has a value of $3.7 billion.


Theator uses computer visualization and artificial intelligence to help surgeons. This technology allows surgeons to analyze both pre-operation and post-operation procedures to enable surgeons to deliver more effective care.

Soos Technology

The egg industry unfortunately involves the destruction of many young male chicks which are not as useful as female chicks. Soos Technology may eliminate this cruelty and waste because it can change the sex of embryonic chicks from male to female. Soos Technology regulates the incubation process and can alter the gender of chicks through temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels to make egg production kinder and more efficient.

Invest in Israeli tech

The tech industry in Israel is leading the world in innovation and commercial, social and environmental solutions. Many of these start-ups may remain private, be purchased by a larger company or could go public on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. A few of them set up offices in the United States and go public on the New York Stock exchange. One of the best ways to invest in Israeli tech is through ETFs or exchange-traded funds. which allow the investor to gain exposure to various sectors and distribute risk.

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September 13, 2021
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